New research published in Nature’s Laboratory Investigation shows that CP-25 “increased saliva flow, alleviated the salivary gland indexes, and improved tissue integrity” in a mouse model of primary Sjogren’s syndrome.

Researchers “identified the underlying mechanisms of the therapeutic effect of CP-25 and provided an experimental foundation for CP-25 as a potential drug in the treatment of the human autoimmune disorder pSS [primary Sjögren’s syndrome].”

The study titled, CP-25 alleviates antigen-induced experimental Sjögren’s syndrome in mice by inhibiting JAK1-STAT1/2-CXCL13 signaling and interfering with B-cell migration, was published on July 3, 2020 and funded by the National Nature Science Foundation of China, the Provincial Natural Science Research Project of Anhui Province, and the Key Projects of Anhui Province University Outstanding Youth Talent Fund.


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